Visual Effects & Posters


the Project

As a ferry carrying 300 passengers from Denmark pulls into an Icelandic town’s small port, heavy snow begins to fall. The ferry can’t leave until the storm passes and the main road into town is impassable.  A mutilated and dismembered body washes on the shore, an unidentifiable man murdered only hours ago. As word spreads, order disintegrates into chaos as people realize they are all possible suspects and that a killer is trapped among them.
The Challenge

Some very bad weather

The challenge was clear. A lot of bad weather, a ferry and an
avalanche were only some of the things we had to worry about.

The Kontrast team along with the talented artists at RVX was tasked with this massive project counting around 350 visual effects shots. Everything from cleaning out crewmembers to a massive avalanche made this a rather large scale project.

Then there was the ferry which had to be added due to the fact that a ferry does not sail into the fjord that was used for shooting the series. These were just some of the challenges we were faced with.

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Final Result

A Nordic Noir to be proud of

Apart from getting an overdose from too much digital snow we are very proud of the outcome. Not only did nobody notice our work which in our case is the biggest compliment anyone can give a team in our line of work, but the project also won Eddan (The Icelandic academy awards) for visual effects.