We are a

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
studio based in Reykjavík, Iceland

Founded in 2007 Kontrast has established itself as one of the leading companies in Iceland´s Visual effects industry and have since then provided visual effects and motion graphics for numerous international projects such as Everest, Fear the walking dead, Trapped, Case, Lazytown and countless local Television programs and advertisements. We are a flexible studio that expands and contracts as needed with a few key people as core staff.

ARNAR JÓNSSON – With over a decade worth of experience Arnar brings to the table a comprehensive skill set in both visual effects and motion graphics which make him an essential member of our team. He is also an accomplished mountaineer and ice/rock climber and as such he has a unique view of nature which bring his set extension skills to the next level.

DAVÍÐ JÓN ÖGMUNSSON – With almost two decades of experience in broadcast, motion graphics and visual effects both locally and overseas, David is a key member of the team. His computer science background brings to the table a technical vision necessary to complete some of our more complex tasks. He is also a very experienced hunter which makes his eye for detail and patience a force to be reckoned with.

SIGURGEIR ARINBJARNARSON – With extensive experience in production and visual effects Sigurgeir is an essential member of the team. Having worked on large international projects as well as producing smaller ones his skill set is very wide and ranges all the way from camera work to color grading with nothing left over in between. He is also a seasoned piano player and music composer which pushes his creative mind even further.

STEFÁN RÓBERT ÞÓRSSON – Has worked in and around the VFX industry for over twelve years. With scale and scope ranging from both local and foreign television commercials, shows and feature films. Bringing his knowledge to bare, he has also taught Visual Effects at university level for a couple years. Having worked primarily within a small to medium studios environment Stefan has a wide range of skills focused on CG and Comp.

CLAUDIA MEGLIN – With nearly three decades of experience in Visual effects production and project management Claudia brings to the table knowledge that is very hard to match. Having exceptionally strong organisational skills she makes sure to keep the company´s creative minds in check so that our projects are always done on time and on budget.

BRÚNÓ – Highly enthusiastic CFO with unquestionable loyalty** but highly questionable credentials. With almost 42 human years of experience in jumping around and licking his ass. Brúnó is by far the most adorable member of the team. When he graces us with his presence, his background in crotch sniffing makes him the ideal candidate for bill collecting. However, payments being paid in treats and scratching tend to be an inconvenience to the other members.
**Unless a cat walks by.

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